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So... You've Gone Natural
What does The Curl Coach do?
Mastering Your Hair Texture Can Be Challenging


You’ve "Gone Natural!"... 

Or perhaps thinking about it?



There isn’t a “one size fits all” routine for anything in life... This is even more so when learning how to care for naturally curly hair.


From curl patterns, hair types & porosity, to

transitioning and big chops… there’s a lot

of information out there, which can make

things a little confusing.


My dream is to simplify, empower and...

"Take the Guesswork out of Natural Hair Care"

by offering a range of workshops, consultations, guides and hairdressing services.

The texture spectrum of curly hair ranges from kinks & coils to curls & waves and these diverse textures all have very specific needs.

Join me as I delve into the structure and science of curly hair. The theory behind many popular hair-care routines and how a better understanding of these can result in an easier and empowered hair journey.



Curly Hair Care Product reccomendations.


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Group Classes 

Coming Soon!
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Events &

Speaking Engagements 

Watch This Space!

Healthy Hair⋅Moisture Retention⋅Curl Definition⋅Growth

“Mastering your hair texture can be challenging... but with the right instruction, techniques and product selection, we can all become masters of our hair”

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Hi,  my name’s Fola aka The Curl Coach and I’m absolutely obsessed with healthy, happy, curly hair!
Like so many of us, I used YouTube as a guide when transitioning to wearing my natural hair. The new philosophies and techniques I discovered online were mindblowing in those early days.

However I was soon confused by the contradicting advice I found, with many of the amazing bloggers & tutorials featuring hair textures often very different to my own, and way too many times things simply didn’t work! I soon suffered from “tutorial overload” and quit YouTube "cold turkey"! 

Being the geek that I am, I decided to go "back to basics". Analysing the information I had discovered online, reading books reports and studies on hair in general and afro hair in particular, whilst testing products, DIY recipes and styling methods on my hair to see what actually worked for me.








I even went as far as to secretly enrol on a hairdressing course! ... after one too many disastrous encounters with hairdressers who although excellent at chemical treatments and braiding, had little or no knowledge of how to "do natural hair", ... I was determined to be totally self-sufficient when it came to my hair.


Throughout this time, I would regularly get compliments from friends, family & even strangers! and soon the requests for advice on how to manage and style hair gradually increased. Before I knew it, through a steady stream of recommendations, I had people wanting me to be "their hairdresser!!”. Simply put… my hobby had become my "side hustle"!  






As I learned more about hair, I was getting more and more requests for guidance on how to care for afro hair, how to “do” the styles I regularly wore, and also if I did cuts, colours & other hairdressing services.


I was ecstatic that I'd taken the plunge earlier and gone back to formally study hairdressing... I wouldn't have felt comfortable offering hairdressing services without being properly qualified.   


The more I did hair, the more I realised that not only did  I love the creative outlet it gave me,  my real joy came from the "Thank You's" from women I had advised who now felt more confident about rocking their natural hair. The transformative power that women feel, when they get their hair done, is intoxicating... it seriously took a hold of me!






I was able to share the sense of liberation & empowerment I found as I learned more and more about my hair with my friends, family and clients.  Through teaching them how to care for their hair after a lifetime of thinking the best thing to do was cover it up, my clients were happily wearing their hair out; confidently, proudly, supported by the new knowledge that they now had on how to care for their hair themselves.


No longer tethered to braids, wigs, weaves or relaxers as their only option... ( but still an option nonetheless!)


At that point, The Curl Coach was born!


"The transformative power that women feel, when they get their hair done, is intoxicating... it seriously took a hold of me!"

"Simply put… my hobby had become my side hustle!" 

"I even went as far as to secretly enrol on a hairdressing course!" 

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