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Curl Parties & Workshops 

Our Workshops and Curl Parties are insightful, engaging and immersive texture experiences. 

Fola will walk you through the Core Elements of Healthy Curly Hair Care... From how to properly cleanse and hydrate and condition,  to guides on simple styles from her easy-to-recreate curated list.


You'll learn how to love and care for your curly hair like never before.

Let's Meet in Person

Fola is part of a niche of Curly Hair Experts making waves in the industry by steering away from the use of oils & butters in their raw form and instead opting for botanical gels and texture-specific mousse to style hair alongside a focus on regular cleansing as the foundation of healthy haircare.

Her events promise to be fun-filled and educational experiences for all those interested in curl care. They are opportunities to learn about curly hair care, ask questions, and interact with like-minded individuals who are passionate about taking care of their hair. In addition to the educational aspect, there will always be plenty of fun and games to keep you entertained.

Whether you're a professional hairstylist or someone who is just starting to learn about hair care, there's an event for you!

So, click the link to see all the upcoming events and mark your calendars to join Fola for unforgettable learning, fun, and games!

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