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In order to combat breakage, and encourage growth via length retention, you need to nourish, strengthen and hydrate your hair. 


Regular cleansing alongside conditioning treatments will help to support the health, moisture, strength and overall appearance of your hair by penetrating the hair shaft to impart moisture and nutrients to the hair helping to reduce breakage & split ends and improve overall hair and scalp health. 




Normal or rinse out hair conditioners work by helping to smooth down the cuticle (the outer layer of the hair) in order to make the hair appear smooth, shiny and feel soft to the touch. If the cuticles are raised then the hair will feel rough, appear dry and frizzy. 



A deep conditioning treatment doesn't just act on the surface  coating the hair as a normal conditioner does; instead, it penetrates deep into the hair shaft itself  helping to restore moisture and  repair some of the damage caused by  environmental factors such as heat, pollution alongside the  effects of colouring, straightening, manipulation from braiding, twisting brushing & combing etc



So... who needs a conditioner? 

Simple…We all do!



New Clients 

Curl Makeover


A curl reviving detox, deep-moisture treatment, bespoke curly cut and finish..

3 hrs

full description

Curl Makeover + Hands-on Tutorial


A  curl reviving detox, deep-moisture treatment, bespoke curly cut and finish + hands-on step by step maintenance & styling tutorial

4 hrs

full description

Existing Clients 

Hello Hydration 


 aka “The Works”

 a curl reviving detox, deep-moisture treatment, bespoke curly cut and finish..

2 hrs

full description

Hydrate & Define 


aka “ The Wash & Go” 

Now that you’re a Curl Connesseur simply put this is “ The Wash & Go”
1hr - 1.5 hrs

full description


Conditioners and conditioning treatments have several benefits for your natural hair and should be introduced as an integral part of your regular healthy hair care routine. 



The key benefits of  conditioniners: 



Damage Prevention – Regularly conditioning your hair can help prevent damage. By keeping your tresses soft, supple and hydrated, by imparting moisture, improving texture, and penetrating the hair shaft, conditioning treatments help to reduce breakage, split ends and improve your hair’s health.   Even if your hair isn't damaged, incorporating conditioner into your regular hair care routine can help you maintain the health of your hair.


Imparts Moisture – Moisture is the most essential building block for healthy hair ... especially if it's curly! and after washing, the best way to moisturise the hair is via a  conditioning treatment. Without moisture, hair becomes dry and brittle and is more prone to breakage.


Promotes Elasticity – Dry, brittle hair snaps & breaks under tension. Breakage = no length retention, no length retention + short hair that appears to "Not Grow" conditioning treatments impart moisture which in turn combats dryness & brittleness.


Adds Shine And Luster – Afro and Curly hair is naturally low lustre because of its structure. This natural state combined with, raised, damaged cuticles can result in hair that looks dry & dull
deep conditioning treatments can repair damage and smooth the cuticles, encouraging the smooth surface needed for smooth, shiny, lustrous hair.

Why Detox My Hair? 

Hair sometimes it needs a gentle detox to remove unwanted harmful build-up caused by product usage and the environment.

A detox removes the metals and minerals such as calcium, silica, lead and magnesium deposited on the hair from  tap water or chlorinated swimming pools that inhibit moisture from getting into your hair and preventing products you use from being as effective as they should be. 

This quick and effective service is specially created to make your curls pop, your colour glow & allow your styling & m aintenance products the clean slate needed to work the way they are supposed to.

Why Detox My Hair?
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