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There isn't a "one size fits all" solution for anything in life, even more so when

it comes to caring for naturally curly hair.

That's why the hair cutting techniques I use are dependent on many factors including your hair texture, the style you want to achieve and the versatility you desire from your day to day styling options.

 Hair Cuts 


From kinky, coily, wavy through to straight, your hair cut will be specifically designed for your personal texture and could range from a blowdry prior to cutting for precision and detail, to cutting your hair whilst wet or shaping via the curl by curl cutting technique on dry curls.



Ideally, for your first appointment, In order to fully understand your curls, I recommend you arrive with your hair as near to 'natural' as possible:
Please avoid putting your hair in a ponytail, plaits or twists prior to your appointment as these types of styles disrupt your curl pattern.

Freshly washed & dried with no product is ideal. This will allow me to properly assess your hair in its natural state without the masking effect products have.
*This is not a prerequisite, but extremely helpful to me and beneficial for you and your curls.

At a minimum, I kindly request that you wash your hair at least 7 days before your appointment. Hair that is assessed to be excessively dirty will not allow for a proper assessment and may result in a forfeiture of part of the appointment.

**Kinky textured curls can use the banding method and a light waterbased leave-in conditioner to avoid tangles & matting.


*This service includes a mini consultation and product recommendations that will make it easy for you to maintain your curls at home.

New Clients 

Curl Makeover


A curl reviving detox, deep-moisture treatment, bespoke curly cut and finish..

3 hrs

full description

Curl Makeover + Hands-on Tutorial


A  curl reviving detox, deep-moisture treatment, bespoke curly cut and finish + hands-on step by step maintenance & styling tutorial

4 hrs

full description

Existing Clients 

Hello Hydration 


 aka “The Works”

 a curl reviving detox, deep-moisture treatment, bespoke curly cut and finish..

2 hrs

full description

Hydrate & Define 


aka “ The Wash & Go” 

Now that you’re a Curl Connesseur simply put this is “ The Wash & Go”
1hr - 1.5 hrs

You must have explicit permission from your stylist to book this appointment  

full description

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