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“Mastering your hair texture can be challenging... but with the right instruction, techniques and product choices, we can all become   "Masters of Our Hair”

Curl Discovery - Consultations

Re-Introduce Yourself

To Your Natural Hair 


The texture spectrum of curly hair ranges from kinks & coils to curls & waves and these diverse textures all have very specific needs.


From curl patterns, hair types, hair texture & porosity, to transitioning and big chops… there’s a lot of information out there, which can make things a little confusing.


A Curl Discovery Consultation will guide & empower your Natural Hair Care Journey & Styling Choices


Curl Discovery Consultations

Newly Natural??? Not sure WHAT to do with your hair or WHICH products are best for your hair type? This is the session for YOU!


During The Curl Discovery Session, I will "Coach" you how to "Coax" your curls into shape! In this one hour consultation, we delve into the structure and science of hair, the theory and reasons behind hair-care routines.


You will need to bring in all the products you are currently using and I will review them. Your hair will be assessed and you can ask questions & find answers to issues you may be experiencing.


I will then customise a step by step hair routine, based on YOUR HAIR TYPE: curl type, density, and porosity. Coaching you on how to master your curls & broaden your styling options.


Finally...we discuss your long-term Curl-Goals and create a bespoke CurlScription for you to take home so you can maintain YOUR CURLS! YOURSELF!

  • Consultation & Hair Regimen Recommendations £95.00

  • Consultation & Hair Regimen Reccomendations + *"CurlScription" £120

Discover Your Curls 

Book a Salon Consultation 

*"CurlScription" A personalised "Curl-Prescription" outlining the topics covered in your consultation with a recommended *product list and a "how to step by step guide" to caring for your hair - This guide will be emailed to you within 7 days of your initial consultation.


*Products sold separately*
This service does not include any haircare or hairdressing

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