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Hey There

I'm Fola, also known as The Curl Coach, and I'm on a mission to celebrate and nurture the natural beauty of all curls spanning the entire Curl Texture Spectrum… from delicate tight curls to subtle waves.

My Curl Journey 

My journey began with YouTube tutorials. Conflicting advice led me to start from scratch, diving into hair research, DIY experiments, and even a secret hairdressing course!


Compliments turned into demands for hair advice, and soon, my hobby became a passion. The Curl Coach was born!

🌀 “Services and Education” 🌀


At The Curl Coach, we offer a range of services aimed at empowering you to confidently embrace your natural curls:


1. The Curl Discovery Consultation: Let's embark on a journey to uncover the secrets of your unique curls.


2. The Curl Makeover In-Salon Appointment - Transform your curls into a work of art with our expert care and styling.


3. The Curl Makeover In-Salon Appointment with Hands-On Teaching: Experience the magic while diving into hands-on learning of the art of curl care.


Plus, don't miss out on my  exclusive offering:


 “The CurlScription” Is your ultimate e-book guide to maintaining and loving your curly hair with confidence and pride.


I’m also excited to share a curated selection of hair tools and products that I personally use and trust. 


Your journey to stunning curls starts here!

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